More about Literacy

Why we want to help people in Literacy?

The brains behind this movement understands that rather offering a Fish to a hungry person, make him Fishing!

The quality of life really moves with the awareness of a person.  In most of the undeveloped countries, begging has become a growing phenomenon.  The policies of administrative bodies couldn’t bring much change in this area, as beggars can be seen in most of the streets of such countries.

Help Movement emphatically believes to organize awareness programs, in this connection, and aims to select villages where such programs can be organized more meaningfully.  It is expected, such awareness programs could bring changes in life style,  and eradicate unemployment among youths and women.

It is also our interest to promote Computer literacy in the villages.  We are taking up the subject with IT giants in the city, and requesting them to offer old and  unusable computers, which can be repaired and use for this purpose.

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