S. Lakshmi: working in the Finance/Accounts department of an IT outfit (CENTRISINFOTECH), based in Chennai. Also having experience in Human Resource Development. Part of my life was spent in North India, thereby got acquainted with different languages and people. Meeting and making friendship with people are one my of grey areas, as I move with people easily.
Ever since I started earning, I have spent part of my income in helping poor children in their education requirements. I was also instrumental in helping poor sick people to get medical aid thru my contacts

When I got an opportunity to know more about veehelp, it was thrilling to me, as I was really looking for such a platform to serve the needy by using part of my time. With todayís mechanical life, it is not possible to engage myself in such mega projects, however, veehelp gives me a platform to associate in realistic projects which gives me lot of enthusiasm, and also mental satisfaction.

Today, I am capable of offering any sort of help to cataract & Dental patients through my contacts. I am also instrumental to promote HOMEO treatment in our society, as it is my firm belief and trust in Homeopathy which meets the common man requirement.

Wish to contribute more to the society through veehelp, and encourage each of you who read this message to utilize this platform to do your bit for our society.

Serving the needy is my motto, and I am always available, if I can be of any help to anyone. Associating with veehelp is a matter of pride, as itís a platform where like-minded people are gathering together, and opportunities to transform ourselves, and a place where we get opportunity to help others.

Husband - Mr. Sriram Mani - Date of Birth : 07.07.1959. Active Member in the Lioness Club of Saligramam.

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