Adopting a School, was always one of our Dreams, as our major objective being to help the poor children in their education.

Through LC of Saligramam, we have adopted a school by name, General Cariappa Secondary School, Saligramam, Chennai. This school helps the poor children to get educated upto 12th standard in Tamil Medium, and extend all sort of help to get better academic results every time. While education has become too commercial in our society today, this school might be a ROLE MODEL for the poor children, and a relief to their parents.

While adoption of this school, our aims are-

  • General Health, Eye & Dental screening for all children.
  • Start Computer Literacy program in Std X, XI & XII.
  • Spoken English program from Std. X onwards.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination for all students.
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness program for Std IX-XII.
  • Hygiene Awareness program for all the students.
  • Better infrastructure for the school

    We have already initiated the Health screening activities, Computer Literacy program, HIV/AIDS awareness program, Spoken English program, Hepatitis B vaccination program.

    Tablets India Pvt Ltd, one of the premier pharmaceutical companies situated in Chennai, have come forward to help us to maintain FIRST-AID requirements in the school with all relevant medicines.

    Need FACULTIES: We need qualified faculties in Computer Science, Spoken English, Personality Development specialists etc who can assist us to carry out the above program for the benefit of poor children. Persons who can spare Saturday or 2 hours weekly are of help to us.

  • For Futher Details :
      Phone :09844343429
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